Webinar: Innovation in Agricultural Products

7:00-9:00 Costa Rica. Central Standard Time (CST)
10:00-12:00 Argentina time
15:00-17:00Rome-Central European Summer Time(CEST)

Fecha: 20 de Octubre de 2020



Moderator: Travis Reynolds


1. GM Bananas and VAD in Uganda - Enoch Kikulwe - Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT

2. Sustainable Pest Management Under Uncertainty: A Dynamic Bioeconomic Analysis of Lowbush Blueberry Production - D. Adeline Yeh - Cornell University

3. Bioeconomy Visions and Sustainability Challenges in Colombia - Nella Canales - Stockholm Environment Institute

4. An Importance of Conservation and Development of Aquacultures in Bio and Circular Economy - Kakha Nadiradze - Association for Farmers Rights Defense

5. Intrahousehold Preference Heterogeneity and Demand for Labor-Saving Agricultural Technology: The Case of Mechanical Rice Transplanting in India - Kajal Gulati - Impaq International LLC

Conferencia Internacional de Bioeconomía Aplicada (ICABR)