Panel session: Has Chinese Agriculture Transitioned to an Innovation-Based Agriculture? Research and Development, Technology and Innovation, and Productivity and Growth

7:00-9:00 Costa Rica. Central Standard Time (CST)
10:00-12:00 Argentina time
15:00-17:00Rome-Central European Summer Time(CEST)

Fecha: 17 de Octubre de 2020



Organized by Carl Pray, Yanhong Jin and Haiyan Deng



1. Carl Pray, Rutgers University – Overview of R&D Investment and Innovation In China’s Agriculture?

2. Haiyan Deng, Beijing Institute of Technology University and Yanhong Jin, Rutgers University - How Did Public and Private Agricultural Research and Innovation Impact Agricultural Productivity and Growth In China?

3. Changxin Yu - Beijing Institute of Technology University and Haiyan Deng, Rutgers University - R&D, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence From the Chinese Pesticide and Fertilizer Industry

4. Zhou Ting and Haiyan Deng - Beijing Institute of Technology University - Innovation in the Food Industry: Do they contribute to agricultural growth?

5. Yanhong Jin. Rutgers University . Innovation in the Agricultural Machinery Industry

6. Xiaoming Bao - Biotech Center, Dabeinong Technology Group Co.  International Competitiveness of Chinese Agricultural Technology: The example of Dabeinong’s genetically engineered traits in Argentina



Discussion starter:

1. Keith Fuglie. Research Economist, Resource & Rural Economics Division, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Conferencia Internacional de Bioeconomía Aplicada (ICABR)