Webinar: Consumer Attitudes

13:00-15:00Costa Rica. Central Standard Time (CST)
16:00-18:00 Argentina time
21:00-23:00Rome-Central European Summer Time(CEST)

Fecha: 16 de Octubre de 2020


Moderator: Travis Reynolds 


1. The Effects of Considerations for Future  on Consumer Preference for Genetically  Modified Potatoes in Canada - Xiaoli Fan  - University of Alberta 

2. Public Preferences For Livestock  Research To Enhance Disease Resilience  And Find Antibiotic Alternatives - Ellen  Goddard - University of Alberta 

3. Ex-Ante Economic Assessment of  Potential Impacts to Producers and  Consumers of Eight GM Crop  

Technologies in Five Countries in Africa - Jose Falck- Zepeda – IFPRI 

4. Canadian Consumer Insights on  Agriculture: Addressing the Knowledge gap – Chelsea Sutherland - University of  Saskatchewan

5. How Stable Is Public Demand For A Ban In Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics In Livestock Production A Canadian Case - Kjel Arnston - University of Alberta

Conferencia Internacional de Bioeconomía Aplicada (ICABR)