Webinar: EU Bioeconomy

1:00-2:30 Costa Rica. Central Standard Time (CST)
4:00-5:30 Argentina time
9:00-10:30Roma-Central European Summer Time(CEST)

Fecha: 15 de Octubre de 2020


1. Does Biotechnology Make a Difference?  - Yan Jin - Wageningen University 

2. Understanding Business Environment  And Success Factors For The Emerging  Bioeconomy Through A Comprehensive  Analytical Framework - Muluken Elias  Adamseged - Leibniz Institute for  Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy 

2. Contribution and Measurment of  Bioeconomy - Ariel Coremberg – University of  Buenos Aires  

3. A Cross-Country Measurement of the  EU Bioeconomy: An Input- Output  Approach - Mohammed B. Degnet - Wageningen University and Research 

4. BioEconomy Options and Sustainability - Kutay Cingiz - Wageningen University 

5. Structural Implications of Increasing  Demand for Non-food Biomass in  German Agriculture: A Transaction  Cost Approach - Lanjiao Wen - Leibniz  Institute of Agricultural Development in  Transition Economies  

6. From East to West and Back? Trade in  Biomass and Bio-Based Products in the  EU - Maximilian Kardung - Wageningen  University


Conferencia Internacional de Bioeconomía Aplicada (ICABR)