Webinar: Supply Food Chains

1:00-2:30 Costa Rica. Central Standard Time (CST)
4:00-5:30 Argentina time
9:00-10:30 Rome-Central European Summer Time(CEST)

Fecha: 13 de Octubre de 2020


Moderator: Regina Birner 


1. Trade, Value Chains, and Rent  Distribution with Foreign Exchange  Controls -Seneshaw Tamru Beyene  Ethiopian Strategic Support Program 

2. Impact Assessment of Renewable  Energy Technology Adoption by Rural  Households in Nigeria - Toyin Benedict  Ajibade, University of Ilorin 

3. Enhancing Tilapia Resources  Conservation In A Context Of  Salinization In Rural Coastal Areas Of  Benin - Toundji Olivier Amoussou - Nazi  Boni University 

4. Determinants of Households’ Food  Security In Akure South Local  Government Area, Ondo State, Nigeria Oluwakemi Oduntan, Ayodeji Oluwaseun  Akinro - The Federal University of  Technology, Akure, Ondo State 

5. Scope Effects In Contingent Valuation:  An Application To The Valuation Of  Irrigation Water Quality Improvements  In Infulene Valley, Mozambique - Graca  Manjate - University of Pretoria 

6. Feeds Of The Future: Understanding  Farmers’ Perceived Benefits and Value - Chain Governance Of The Insect-Based  Chicken Feed In Kenya - Afrika Okello - University of Nairobi 


Conferencia Internacional de Bioeconomía Aplicada (ICABR)